While at the Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca in Modena – Italy, Turner Barr (aka Around the World in 80 Jobs) asked me to join him and film this Breaking Bad parody. It was all about making traditional balsamic vinegard, but in a different, darker way!
I have never seen the show before so Turned said I should watch at least season 1 to get started. Like you can imagine, Breaking Bad jut blew my mind! I watched all 6 seasons in less than 2 weeks and was ready for filming. This was late October 2013.

We had so much fun with Emilio (who plays a sort of Walter White double), Aurora and the Biancardi family from the Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca. (btw check out their website www.acetaiavillabianca.com)

Thank so much Turner for asking me to do this!

[All shot with Canon 7D and GoPro Hero 3 in Modena.]


© Aurora Biancardi

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