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July 2013 – During three years working with WWF tourism office in Italy, I had the privilege to visit so many beautiful places in Italy, and to understand the real meaning of living with nature around you. I’ve been to a lot of farm houses (called ‘Panda Farms‘) where connection with the land is so strong, and people feel so blessed.

This video is the result of 10 days, shooting in different Italian regions a series of short interviews about the sustainable agriculture program and good practices, for the European project ‘Agri@tour’ created by WWF and other partners.

What you are watching is actually b-roll for the interviews.Every day I woke up at 6 am (or even earlier) to capture the amazing light reflected over all the green I had around me, and felt the power of what we usually call silence: in the countryside silence means “life”… if you listen closely!
With this video I want to thank WWF, and tell the world that I’m proud and happy that I had the chance to experience and understand why a human being is so connected with countryside, and that we often need to leave our cities to remember what we are. Ode to Nature.


Music by Kerry Muzzey “Still Here”, licensed from The Music Bed (
EU Sustainable Agriculture Politics website: (in Italian – sorry they ran out of translators)
Appearing in the video as “the pensive farmer” is Diadorim Saviola at the Agriturismo Casanuova (you want to drop by in Tizzano Val Parma if you are around Emilia Romagna) (

Thanks to Denis Strickner ( who took the tour with me in July, helped me shooting the interviews and provided additional footage. We had a great time! Sorry for waking you up so early for timelapsing but it was worth it! 😉

All footage was shot with Canon 7D ad GoPro Hero 3.

P.S. The working title while editing was “Chasing snails” but I figured out I needed an epic title with this kind of images. “Ode to Nature” seems appropriate.
P.P.S. For Americans, WWF is not wrestling, but World Wildlife Fund. No Hulk Hogans, just Pandas!

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