This is a story about Friendship. On a trip to Iceland with my best friend, I decided to explore the real nature of this powerful feeling while exploring nature itself.

Here is the genesis of this project: I was invited to a trip to Iceland by my best friend who wanted to make a “different” bachelor’s party. Being his best man, I decided to make a video of our adventure and then give it to him as my wedding gift.

A journey of a man through elements such as ice, fire, water and earth. It was the same journey that we have been doing since we were newborns. This is “a story about Ice and Men“.

Note about the music: in Iceland we also discovered the intimate and powerful music of Sigur Ros. I used 5 tracks from their repertory, one in each chapter, as Sigur Ros’ music is free to use for video projects.


Chapter 0 | LIGHT


Chapter 1 | AIR AND ICE


Chapter 2 | EARTH AND FIRE


Chapter 3 | WATER …FALLS




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