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Originally designed to participate in the My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket list competition, this is my version of the piece, “the Editor’s choice”.
Video concept and shooting are by Denis Strickner ( together with Renato La Monica. I was asked to edit the video following director’s recommendations.

Azores Islands is a place you’ve certainly heard of, but probably you don’t have any idea about how it is. The purpose of the video is to present the islands as a tourist destination and invite people to become interested in its peculiarities. The Azores is in fact a little known place which has so much to offer, especially nature and landscapes.

This video is here to help you! This is a mystical journey through the Azores and the discovering process itself. Every trip is also a journey inside yourself, isn’t it? Meeting people, facing wheater changing quickly, enjoy the solitary moments while you stand upon a cliff and the calm coming from a new dawn.

While you watch this, alway keep in mind what Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese poet, wrote once:

“I’m not anything. I shall never be anything. I cannot wish to be anything. Aside from that, I have within me all the dreams of the world”


Concept by Denis Strickner
Shooting by Denis Strickner and Renato La Monica
Music by Antonio Vivaldi (main piece) and Ana Silva Macaca (intro/outro music)



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April 23, 2013

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