Dreaming of Tuscany

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Tuscany evokes feelings of comfort, nostalgia, and simplicity. Rustic living at its finest, for many to travel to Tuscany is the ultimate Italian experience, not to mention a dream come true. Ancient vineyards interspersed with rolling hills and crumbling farmhouses create a fairytale ambiance that would melt even the hardest hearts.


“Brilliant! Could watch it over and over and over again and take in all that Tuscany loveliness.”


A place where tradition has yet to collide with modernity, journeying to Tuscany in July was the highlight of my summer. From sleeping in the 15th century I Pagliai farmhouse outside Cortona to learning to cook pasta in the sun with Walks of Italy to tasting local wine as the sun set over the olive groves near Pisa at Casale Podernovo, my memories from Tuscany couldn’t be more perfect.


“This look so magical. The video that you’ve made is truly beautiful”


Me shooting in Cortona


“This video is ridiculously beautiful and perfect.”


I partnered with Liz Carlson (Young Adventuress) on her trip across remote areas of Tuscany, Italy.
We shot a dreamy video of her experience, from the rural discovery of sunflowers in the country fields and walking small cities like Cortona to taking part on a cooking class in a very old farmhouse. Everything came after Liz’s profound desire of discovering the Tuscany she had read about in one of her favourite books: Under the Tuscan sun by Frances Mayes.


“Awesome video! And what a cool way to remember your time in Tuscany. Beautifully filmed and edited.”


Elizabeth Carlson – youngadventuress.com

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Thanks to:
Agriturismo I Pagliai
Walks of Italy
Casale Podernovo

Music: “The father’s heart” by Tony Anderson

Shot with a Canon 7D and edited in Final Cut Pro X

All comments you read on this post are taken from Liz’s website, Facebook and Youtube.


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September 25, 2013

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