In July 2016 I met the Lonely Planet‘s social communication team, and my upcoming trip to Costa Brava became the perfect chance to work together and create these promo videos for their new recipe book “Spain from the Source”.

So I travelled across Costa Brava, Catalunya (Northern Spain) to meet local chefs to show me some of the recipes you can find in the book.

The people we featured in these videos are some of the most famous chefs in Northerns Spain:
FINA PUIGDEVALL from Olot | Xató con Panecillo (salt cod salad with buckwheat bread)
JOAN CARLES SÁNCHEZ from Pals | Arròs a banda (fish-infused rice)
LUCÍA LÓPEZ from Hostaric | Panellets de pinyon (marzipan balls with pine nuts)
ORIOL BLANES from Palamós | Suquet (fish and potato stew)The people from Can Xifra, Girona prepared for us Escalivada (chargrilled vegetables salad)

Hope you enjoy the results, and … buen provecho!

Special thanks to the people who worked with me on this project:
Maria McKenzie  •  Social Communication Manager for Lonely Planet
Gemma Suñer  •  Executive producer (Costa Brava)
Anna Cuadrat  •  Gastronomy product manager for Costa Brava
Thanks to Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees Tourist Board. Find out more:

More about the Pathfinders program from Lonely Planet here:


[all backstage photos by Gemma Suñer]

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