What’s the secret to Italian pasta? It’ the Love!

In this cooking video I traveled to Rome with Dalia Laurenco from Getting close to… to get a pasta lesson from a local chef. We learnt to make a kind of pasta called Pici, which David – the chef – refers to as “wild pasta”.

Getting Close to is a travel series that brings you closer to the cities you thought you knew. You’ll discover the local vibe while meeting and making friends with locals, going on an adventure and getting the most out of your trip and destination.

Music by James Peel – “Sunshine (instrumental)” (via www.themusicbed.com)

Special thanks to Walks of Italy and Chef David Sgueglia della Marra.


Shooting WIld Pasta with Dalia Lourenco © Getting close to

Shooting Wild Pasta with Dalia Lourenco © Getting close to

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